Ideas for what to do

Ever have a day when you didn’t know what to do?  Well, some people never have those days, because they always keep busy.  Some people seldom have those days, because they are usually busy, but sometimes don’t have things to do.  Sometimes that can be a holiday.  Some people often find themselves wondering what to do.

It’s good to have a hobby.  What do you enjoy doing?  Do you enjoy taking pictures?  Do you enjoy making things?  If so, what?  Do you like making crafts?  Do you like making art?  Do you like working with wood?  Do you like sports?

What is the weather like?  If it is nice, you can do outside things, like go for a job.  You could play a sport with others.  Get a ball and play soccer, kick ball, baseball, softball, Frisbee, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, golf, etc., etc.  If you can’t find anyone to play with, that makes it harder.  Maybe you can go biking, hiking, boating, rafting, skiing, roller skating, ice skating, or speed walking.

Maybe you could read a good book, watch a good show or movie, or fly a kite.  Maybe you could pick up a new hobby, like flying remote controlled airplanes, or creating model airplanes.  Maybe you could put a puzzle together.  You could do a Google search, and find different hobbies.  You can find groups that meet together around your area that are interested in hobbies, or reading groups.  Check out your local library.  They often have great classes.  They may have a computer class, or a sewing class, or a photography classes.  Stores, such as sewing stores, often have classes, as well.  Your city may offer classes, too.  If you really want to get serious, you can take junior college classes, as well.

Maybe you could play a board game, or cards.  Maybe a computer game, or video game.  Maybe you could even learn to make a computer game.  Maybe you can find some way to make money, such as making something you can sell.  Maybe you could make a book, and get it published, or self publish it.

You could learn a new language, or sign language.  You could take up calligraphy, painting, drawing, photography, etc.  You could volunteer.  There are many great opportunities to volunteer.  You could help out at the school.  You could help with meals on wheels.  You could help at a soup kitchen, or an orphanage.  You could see if the animal shelter could use some help.

What do you do when you are bored?  What inspires you?

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