Ideas for dates

So, you want to go on a date, but just don’t know what fun things to do.  There are lots of things you can do, depending on the situation.  You can go on a romantic date with one person, go on a double date, even for a formal dance, or you can go on a group date.

Food and entertainment are usually the two ingredients, though food is not always required.  A dinner and a movie, or just the movie, are common.  But what do you do if there are no good movies playing, or you just want to do something different?  The most enjoyable dates are usually more creative than just going to see a movie.

You could make a movie, instead!  Make it a group date, and make a movie.  You can have different props that all have to be used in the movie.  One person and bring them, or you can have it a “pot-luck,” where everyone brings one odd thing.  You can make one movie, or if the group is large enough, break into two groups and compete.

There are some fun sports that can work well for dates, such as roller skating, ice skating, volleyball, tennis, raquetball, dodgeball, basketball (depending on the crowd), miniature golf, and bowling.  With bowling, as well as with others, you can add a twist.  You can have the person draw from a hat each time to see how they have to bowl.  Under everyone’s legs.  On your date’s shoulders.  Blindfolded (careful…).  You get the idea.  You can even play “Calvin Ball,” where you get a bunch of sports equipment and make something up.

What about bad weather dates?  That can limit your options.  You may go to the mall.  You could go to a family fun center.  You could play at an arcade.  Depending on the date, you could go to the library.  You could go for yogurt or ice cream.  You could play board games or card games.  You could watch a video.

Steven Covey said that relationships are strengthened the most when you create things together.  Maybe you could create a craft or something together.  You could make some pottery, or draw something together.  You could work on a project or craft together.  You could play a minute to win-it if you have enough people.

If the weather is nice, you could go on a hike.  You could walk around or by a lake, river, or ocean.  You could skip rocks.  You could ride bikes.  You could ride tandem.  You could go boating, on canoes or paddle boats.  Water slides can be fun.

I hope this gets you started with your date ideas.  What are some fun dates that you have gone on?

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